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Naomi's family gets their Christmas wish

From night out to nightmare

It was meant to be a night to remember. And it was. Just not for the reason everyone had hoped.

When Naomi Martin booked tickets to the game, she didn't know what lay in store for her that night. But to the shock of her husband and two sons, Naomi suffered sudden cardiac arrest - while walking out of the stadium.

Thank goodness St John was there

Within minutes of receiving word about Naomi, our volunteers were there. And thankfully they knew just what to do. They saved her life.

Naomi's husband still has a wife. Her boys still have a mother. And it's all thanks to those she calls her 'five angels' - the committed and determined St John volunteers who saved her life.

Please help us give every family this Christmas gift

This year, Naomi received the greatest gift of all - the chance to spend Christmas with her family. And we believe that all families deserve the same.

Now's your chance to help us make it happen.

YES. I'd like to help St John recruit, train and equip more volunteers in 2018.

$75 CPR training

CPR training teaches our volunteers the vital skills they need to respond in an emergency.

$114 Defibrillator pads (adult)

Defib pads deliver lifesaving electric shocks to the heart - and must be replaced after each use.

$195 First Aid training

First Aid training provides our volunteers with the skills and confidence to sustain a life.

$263 Defibrillator replacement battery

Batteries must be replaced every four years to ensure our defibs are never without power.

Contribute towards a new defibrillator

Valued at $2,395, the immediate use of a defib following cardiac arrest increases survival rates by 70%.

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