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Aspire - The St John vision in action

St John is about saving lives through First Aid. We have a clear and simple vision.

“We aim for at least one person educated, equipped & prepared to provide First Aid in every home, workplace & public gathering.”

It’s a very ambitious and bold vision that specifically defines our aspirations. It will take many years to achieve, through the activities we do now such as education, training, equipment delivery and advocacy for best practice First Aid.

It also includes our evolving community programs but most importantly, it will encompass those activities we’ve yet to conceive. It is challenging, exciting and above all inspiring.

As part of our vision, we want to share with you just how your support is positively affecting people’s lives – without you, St John would be unable to continue providing vital First Aid services to our community.

To read about the great work St John volunteers do in your community download a copy of our publication, Aspire, The St John vision in action.

To learn more about these programs and how you can support them here:

To make a one-off donation to St John, there are 3 easy ways:

  1. Phone: Call St John on 03 8588 8888 to make a credit card donation over the phone with a member of our Fundraising team.
  2. Mail: Send your donation to:

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